A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Enter a journey into the vastness of our galaxy! This game is supposed to simulate the planets and be an interactive and informative space to learn about the planets! The game currently includes three modules, "Whats My Weight?", "Planet Facts", and "The Heliocentric Model" which is a free camera experience exploring the planets and their orbits around the sun! More updates will be added soon, please feel free to send feedback, bug reports, and anything you love about the sim game to Renso_hernandez@bloomfield.edu



P - Pause the game during run time in the modules

W,A,S,D Keys move the free camera, and use the cursor to go toward any direction

Install instructions

1. Download the game based on your operating system.

2. Unzip and extract all zip contents to a destination on your computer

3. Double-click and run the *.exe and play!


IntoTheCosmos-Win_x86.zip 101 MB
IntoTheCosmos-Win_x86_64.zip 103 MB
IntoTheCosmos-Linux.zip 121 MB
IntoTheCosmos-Mac.zip 105 MB

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